Written in the style of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," How the Grump F'd US tells the story of an racist, evil animal who comes to power in You Town and tries to cleanse it of all immigrants.  You can only get a copy of it by donating only $20.20 to Progressives In Action and We The Majority to help US defeat Trump and his evil policies.  All the Talking Heads can talk forever.  But, if you want to motivate the electorate and memorialize Trump's hate forever, put it in a comic book classic.  This way you can also use it to teach the children that hope is not lost.  Here is a little taste...

Most YOUS around YouTown Liked immigrants A LOT... But The Grump, Who lived ALONE in Grump Tower, DID NOT!

The Grump hated immigrants.  Not a single one was pleasing…  No need to ask Why? Everyone knows the reason!

His thoughts were a Mess, He Screwed everyone, Right.  He Blurted out Tweets that gave Everyone A FRIGHT…

The Grump thought immigrants were just not the same… He scowled, “They don’t even look like US, They need a different name!

I’ll call them the Whats – THAT’S IT - Whats are to blame.”

Whats living in YouTown, that thought drove him INSANE.

So much so that even his Dollar Sign Chest Hair caused him great PAIN!!!

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Looking down from grump tower he felt all his power!

Then he growled, with his tiny fingers manically thumping…

“I MUST find some way to stop Whats from coming!


For when morning comes, those What families,

Will wake nice and early and seek the You dream!


With no money those worthless homegirls and homeboys,

Will sneak around YouTown and steal my nice toys.”

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The Grump's definition of working!

On nice days he would go golfing for sure.  Pounding immigrant golfballs and cheating of course.

He’d always be sly and Russian around. If he didn’t like where the ball landed… He’s drop another one down.

Then he created a tax cut just for the rich! Who cares if the young and poor end up in a ditch.

They never vote, so who cares about them! My friends live in castles, they live a den.

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Your Main Characters

Of course, because the Whats are dehumanized, stuck in cages, and not fit to be called a You, they are not persons or fit to be called characters, so we cannot list them here.

Testimonial from The Grump: "This book is awesome.  I mean, I only read the Cover - because I have no attention spam - so I have no idea what else is in it.  But, I know at the end I must get rid of all the Whats and stay in power with all the happy Yous behind me."

Testimonial from The Wicked Sneak:  "I read book. It make great after dinner reading.  Because you throw up afterward.  And, oh by way, I am not 400 pound fat man sitting on a bed.  Hacker not fat man.  No fat man in Russia.  Not enough food." 

Testimonial from The Fox:  Yeah, someone sent me the book to review, but I ate it.  So there would be no evidence, man.  I mean, they don't call me Sly in it for no reason.  Now, with the only copy gone, the truth will never come out."

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Some more for your Revolution - I mean Revulsion

The GrumP hated Whats so much he put the small ones in cageS!

And his lie tricked the small What, as she started to SCREAM!

He smiled with glee and said, “Come on with me.”


Then he cuffed her hands and lifted her up to the truck.

To take her from her parents with the job finished up!

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